“Congratulations on coming up with one of the neatest seafood cleaning devices we've ever seen. No gimmick this one is just a bloody clever idea!" Shane Mensforth (SA Angler)
Thank you Rod for inventing such a great product; should have been done years ago. Too many hrs lost doing it the old way. Thanks again." Darren M

“My husband hates me cleaning squid on his white boat because of the mess – this tool solves the problem!” Janice T

"We had a great laugh at your video. One of the young blokes here sent the youtube link and of course all us old blokes who know how to clean squid said, 'Yeah right'. 30 seconds into the video I said to my mate, 'I’m getting impressed' and before the end we all wanted one. The bottle opener was the sealer." N Angwin WA

Caught 12 today used the tool with mixed success early....but when I followed the instructions correctly got better quickly....tool is a winner cheers. Mick

About to go on a big fishing trip. Bought some squid to try out the squidezy before we go. AMAZING - I was so impressed, it actually works like a treat !! Usually items like this that I buy, seem to be a waste of money, BUT NOT THIS !! Can recommend totally !! John

We used our Squidezy tool last week - it was brilliant! Debbie C

This tool is the best thing I've ever bought! It works a treat!  Frank (at the Adelaide Boat Show)

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