Cleaning Squid FAQ

What is the Squidezy made of?

The Squidezy is injection-moulded from certified food-safe Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) plastic which is chemical resistant, stable under a high range of temperatures and more durable than regular plastic.

Will the Squidezy break when I am cleaning squid?

When used for its designed purpose the Squidezy will not break. It is made from ABS plastic which is 30 times stronger than nylon or polypropylene plastic.

Can I get the Squidezy in different colours?

The three tools which make up the set are coloured red, blue and yellow. At present, we do not plan to offer a choice in colour.

Is the Squidezy safe for my children to use?

The tool has no sharp edges and cannot be swallowed. However, children should be taught how to use the tool properly under adult supervision.

Will the Squidezy float?

The Squidezy will not float, but it sinks very slowly so you should be able to retrieve it if you drop it in the sea.

Is the Squidezy UV resistant?

Yes, the Squidezy ABS plastic is UV resistant.

How long will it take for me to master the Squidezy?

The wife of the inventor mastered the technique on her first attempt and having never done it before, she cleaned a squid in 45 seconds.

Can I use the Squidezy for cleaning squid of different sizes?

The tool comes in a set of three (large, medium & small) which is designed to cater for the sizes of squid most commonly caught by recreational fisher-people.

Does the Squidezy enable me to keep the ink sac intact?

If used properly, the Squidezy will help you clean a squid without rupturing the ink sac.

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